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We offer Intel CPU delidding service, maintenance, repair, upgrade, acceleration of computers for companies and personal worldwide.

What is delidding, and why you must do it?
Intel CPU delid service



We employ professionals with experience more than 10 years


We guarantee a successful delidding process, and will offer a replacement of the same processor model if any physical damage occurs during delidding

We are trusted

Our customers leave only good feedback about us

Is free

We will completely test your processor for free


Intel CPU delidding precedure ("Turn key") Подробнее
2000 RUR.*
Delidded CPU Подробнее
from 6000 RUR.
Home based setup PC (for Gaming, Video encoding, Internet work) Подробнее
1000 RUR.**
Setup home server,on PC components (NAS) Подробнее
2000 RUR.**
Переустановка Mac OS Подробнее
1000 руб.
Чистка ноутбука от пыли (включая сборку и разборку) Подробнее
700 руб.
Обновление BIOS Подробнее
500 руб.
Переустановка Windows XP, 7, 10 Подробнее
500 руб.

* - cost of delidding of Intel SkyLake-x series processors from 4500 RUR
** - the cost includes the assembly of the case, the connection of components and the input to the BIOS (thermal paste and installation is not included in the price)

Intel CPU delid service

List of supported processors:

  • Coffee Lake Refresh Intel® Core™ i9-9900K/i7-9700K/i5-9600K/9400
  • Coffee Lake - Intel® Core™ i7-8700K/8086K/8700/i5-8600K/8400/i3-8350K
  • Kaby Lake - Intel® Core™ i7-7700K/7700/7740X/i5-7600K/7600/7640X
  • SkyLake-X - Intel® Core™ i9-79xx/i7-78xx/
  • SkyLake - Intel® Core™ i7-6700K/6700/i5-6600K/6600/6400
  • Broadwell - Intel® Core™ i7-5775C/i5-5675C
  • Haswell - Intel® Core™ i7-4790K/4790/4770K/4770/i5-4690K/4690/4670K/4670/
  • Intel Xeon Intel® Xeon™ E3 v3 12xx v3/v4/v5/v6
  • Ivy Bridge - Intel® Core™ i7-3770K/3770/i5-3570K
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17.01.2018 Intel core i7-6700k
Копия 22.02.2018 Скальпирование intel core i7-7700k
Копия 22.02.2018 Скальпирование intel core i7-7700k

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Intel CPU delid service

Копия Роман Одинцов 19 лет

Delid- отличный сервис! Быстро, качественно, в срок.
Intel CPU delid service

Копия Дмитрий Портнягин 28 лет

Сервис просто бомба!!!
Intel CPU delid service

Копия Владислав Самойленко 22 года

Удивила скорость работы, качеством доволен
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Intel CPU delid service
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